How do sports affect the fans?

Casual Fans

Casual fans are usually those who pay little attention to the minute details of sports or sports teams, but become more involved once the games become more important. For example, a casual fan may not watch a football game all year but once the Super Bowl comes around, they will watch the games. Casual fans may or may not associate themselves with specific teams

Although sports may not play as big of a role in a casual fan’s life than other fans, sports can still be found in many different aspects of their lives. Sports are seen everywhere and sometimes we never even notice it. From sports jerseys hanging in retail stores to a NBA game playing on the TV of our favorite restaurants, sports is present everywhere.

Everyday Fans

The second type of fan would be considered the “everyday” fan. This is the most common type of fan, ahead of casual fans and avid fans. Your everyday fans most likely follow sports relatively closely, with a focus on one particular team in each sport.

Everyday fans have a decent amount of knowledge in most sports and sports have an important impact on their lives. These fans may attend sports games and could watch a sporting event almost every day, and that alone shows the importance that sports holds in their lives. If a certain aspect of your life is recurring every day, it must hold some importance in your life as a whole.

Avid Fans

Avid sports fans could not live their life without sports. Sports play such an important role in their life that they couldn’t imagine life without it. These are the fans that support multiple teams in multiple professional sports organizations and remain loyal and dedicated to these teams for life.

Sports may just be the most important aspect of an avid fans life. An avid sports fan most likely grew up around sports and their love for it has only grown since. Over the years, the amount of avid sports fans has most definitely grown and it is at an all time high. Sports has become a central part of many people’s lives and without them, they may feel incomplete.

Linked below is an interview with one of these avid sports fans, Fady Tawfik. Fady is a first year student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and in his interview he speaks on the impact of sports in his life and on the world in general.

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